About Creativelink

Creativelink is a full service graphic design studio.

We help clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the shop around the corner with a full range of graphic design services, from print design, brand identity, on-screen design and special projects, including web design and web hosting. Creativelink has over 25 years’ experience in creating effective, dynamic communication design.

We are fast, we are reliable, and we are cost effective.

Print Design

Print is alive and well, contrary to popular opinion.

At Creativelink, we love to design layouts for print, from single page posters and flyers, multi-page brochures, postcards and invitations, up to and including entire books. We are especially good at using photographs as illustrations in print designs: editing, cropping and integrating existing photographs into layouts, and even sourcing stock photos.

In designing for print, we concentrate on making text content readable.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is a vital part of keeping your business alive and growing.

Creativelink helps our clients create memorable brand graphics: logos, social media banners, business cards… even avatars and icons.

Investment in brand identity is important, so your customers remember you when they see you.

On-screen Design

On-screen design is a cost-effective and versatile communication tool.

Creativelink creates gorgeous presentation graphics for every screen size and audience size, using PowerPoint or Keynote to convey our clients’ information on every subject you can think of, seamlessly integrating sound and video files into a single presentation. We also make readable and shareable PowerPoint files that can be emailed or posted, for proposals, status reports, quarterly reports… you name it. 

We specialize in creating interactive PDF files, with clickable indexing and navigation, enabling end-users to browse information and content.

Special Projects

Book Design for Self-Publishing
Creativelink creates book designs  for both e-books and print-on-demand books for self-publishing.

Content Creation/Editing
We offer writing and editing services by published authors, for website content, company newsletters, and more, specializing in content on food and wine, and on environmental concerns.

Additional Services
Wordpress web hosting, design and maintenance
Photo research
Copy editing